Iker Legarda · Marketing & Sales


Carlos Lopez · Investments 


Isabel Aguilera · Advisor
Former Managing Director of Google, Spain and Portugal and Former President of General Electric, Spain and Portugal. The Financial Times Magazine mentioned her as one of the 25 best European executive and FORTUNE as one of the 50 most influential in the World


Carmelo Hernando · Middle East Business Development
Expert in International Business and Specialist in the Middle East


Ander Almeida · Investments 


Iñaki Guerrero · Business Angel & Advisor

Markel Marcos · Investments 


Iñigo Gallego · Marketing & Business Development


Unai Piñeiro · Marketing & Business Development


Mr.Q · CEO & Founder ( www.mrq.es )

Entrepreneur in Art & Technology. Maker and Sci-Fi Writer. The only Candidate for an OSCAR Nomination who is also Author of a Scientific Paper about Cancer Research in Nature

Roberto Ramos · Business Angel & Advisor

Cristobal Meseguer · Investments 

Adrian Carrion, Alioli · Marketing

Community Manager and Audiovisual Content Creator for Companies like Asus, Avermedia, Hauppauge. Owner of one of the most Famous Youtube Channels in Spain : 560.000 Subscribers + 150 Million Views

June Bengoetxea · Marketing & Business Development


Daniel Fernandez · Business Angel & Advisor

Cristina Juesas · Business Angel & Advisor

Consultant · Blogger · TEDxer · Toastmaster · Dircom


Agustin Ezcurra · Business Angel & Advisor

Jon Kareaga · Marketing ( Photography & Social Networks )